Katherine E. Bundy
Doctoral Candidate of Hispanic Studies
Project Manager of Digital Humanities
McGill University, Montréal, Québec


McGill University
Doctoral candidate of Hispanic Studies, 2018-present
Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures
Research Topics: Film Studies, Digital Culture, Internet Histories, Posthumanism

University of Georgia
Part-time Doctoral student of Hispanic Studies, 2015-2018
Department of Romance Languages
Research Topics: Film studies, Feminism, Posthumanism, Eco Criticism in Latin America

University of Georgia
M.A. in Spanish Literature, 2014
Research Topics: Posthumanism, Transnational narrative, Latinx studies

Kennesaw State University
B.A. in Spanish Education with Honors, 2010
Majors: Spanish and K-12 Foreign Language teaching certification

Coursework abroad
Universidad de La Serena, Chile – Contemporary Latin American Film, Composition, 2008

Universidad de Salamanca, Spain – Courses in Text Analysis, Advanced-High Grammar, 2007



McGill University, Department of Languages Literatures and Cultures
Course Lecturer of Spanish, Fall 2018

University of North Georgia, Department of Spanish
Full-time Lecturer of Spanish, 2014-2018

University of Georgia, Department of Romance Languages
Graduate Teaching Assistant, 2012-2014

Sprayberry High School, Department of Foreign Language
Spanish Supply teacher, 2011-2012

Judia Jackson Harris Elementary School, K-5 Title 1 Charter School
Spanish teacher, 2010-2011



Project Manager of Digital Humanities Initiatives: Curriculum planning for the Master’s Program in Digital Humanities at McGill, Organizing “Spectrums of Digital Humanities: A Virtual Lecture Series” for Fall 2020 and Winter 2021, Social Media communications, website management and content writing, connecting DH scholarship to relevant industries around Montreal

Piano Tutor for Intermediate and Beginner levels: Specializing in classical piano, introduction to synthesizers and audio engineering, chord theory and improvisation, Winter 2021-present 

GREN (Groupe de recherche sur les editions critiques en context numerique) doctoral researcher supervised by Dr. Cecily Raynor, Summer 2020

Research assistant to Dr. Cecily Raynor and co-creator of 16-week course syllabi for HISP 345: Contemporary Hispanic Cultural Studies,  HISP 357: Latin American Digital Literature and Culture, and LLC 602: Electronic Literature in Winter 2020

Communications and publicity officer for “Last Call: Environment” International Graduate Student Conference on Environmentalism and Interdisciplinary Studies at McGill University, Fall 2019

Originator and co-organizer with Lisa Teichmann of “Last Call: Environment – Creative Arts Expose” in Montreal, Fall 2019

GREN (Groupe de recherche sur les editions critiques en context numerique) doctoral researcher for web and data analytics project titled Digital Hispania supervised by Dr. Cecily Raynor, Summer 2019

Administrative Assistant and for the publication of Portuguese Edition of Digital Humanities Quarterly, Winter 2019-2020

Co-organizer and facilitator of Printemps Litteraire Bresilien, McGill University, Spring 2019
SHRCC funded Doctoral Research Assistant to Dr. Cecily Raynor, Winter 2019-present

Co-designer of independent graduate course on Latin American Speculative Fiction with Dr. Lesley Feracho, Summer 2017

EspañaEnCorto Spanish Short Film Festival founder and organizer, Georgia, 2008-present

Grant-funded bilingual book-reviewer of select South American children’s books, University of Georgia Department of Education, Summer 2013

Spanish-English interpreter for Regina Galindo, Guatemalan performance artist, UGA, Fall 2014

Spanish Adult Literacy Volunteer Coordinator in Athens, GA, 2012-2013

U.S. Student Ambassador of Spain for Spanish Ministry of Exterior Culture, 2008-2009

IRB-certified Research Assistant for Human Geography Project measuring environmental attitudes, Chile, Summer 2008

English tutor and piano instructor in Madrid, Spain, Summer 2007



GREN bourse d’excellence doctoral (Groupe de recherche ser les editions critiques en contexte numerqiue) valued at 3,000$ each, Summer 2021

Winner of McGill Graduate Mobility Award for research travel to Spain, Summer 2020 (postponed due to covid-19)

GREN grant recipient (Groupe de recherche ser les editions critiques en contexte numerqiue) valued at 2,400$ each, Summer 2019, Summer 2020

Winner of Fonds de Recherche du Quebec Societe et Culture (FRQSC) valued at 43,000$ for my doctoral research project titled Digital-born short films in the Spanish-speaking world as indicators of transnational collaborations and posthumanism, 2018-2021

Recipient of McGill University International Student Differential Fee Waiver, 2018

Franklin College University of Liverpool Doctoral Research Fellowship, 2017

Kennesaw State University College of Humanities - Foreign Languages Alumna of the Year, 2017

Winner of Louise McBee Scholarship (1,500$) for being identified as a future woman leader at the Georgia Association of Women in Higher Education (GAWHE) Conference, 2015

Outstanding Teaching Assistant for UGA Department of Romance Languages, 2014

Winner of audio-visual grant of 2.000 euros from Fundación Caja de Badajoz to fund production of original short film script, Ashasaak with director, Carlos Iñesta, 2011

Honors University Scholar of the Year, Kennesaw State University, 2010

Department of Foreign Language Senior of the Year, Kennesaw State University 2010

"Student Teacher of the Year" runner-up, Bagwell College of Education, KSU, 2010



Accepted and forthcoming:
“Augusto de Campos: Avant Garde, Post Flash,” a book chapter for the anthology, Latin American Digital Poetics now under advanced-contract with Palgrave Pivot for 2022. The volume is edited by Luis Correa-Días and Scott Weintraub. 

Accepted and forthcoming:
“Politicized Web Praxis in Mexican Animated Short Films: “Reality 2.0” (2012) and “Retrato Político” (2013), a book chapter for the edited volume, Animated Cinema in Mexico: Ideology, the Family, and Profit in the National Cinema now under an advanced contract at SUNY press, 2020.

Accepted and forthcoming:
“Cyborg Citizenship in Keiichi Matsuda’s Colombian short film, “Hyper-Reality” (2016)” a book chapter in Digital Encounters now under contract at University of Toronto Press. The volume is edited by Dr. Cecily Raynor and Rhian Lewis, 2019.

Book chapter:
“Re-ordering material hierarchies of human, non-human, and posthuman in Jossie Malis Álvarez’s animated short film series, Bendito Machine (2006-2017)” a book chapter for the edited volume, Pushing Past the Human in Latin American Cinema edited by renowned Eco Criticism scholars, Gisela Heffes and Carolyn Fornoff. Under contract with SUNY Press, and the volume will be published under the Latin American Cinema series coedited by Leslie Marsh and Ignacio Sánchez Prado, 2018.

Book review of El Eternauta, Daytripper, and Beyond: Graphic Narrative in Argentina and Brazil published in Bulletin of Hispanic Studies, Vol. 95, No. 8, January 2018.

Book chapter: 
“Was it all a Dream?: Chicana/o Children and Mestiza Consciousness in Super Cilantro Girl (2003) and Tata's Gift (2014),” Voices of Resistance: Essays on Chican@ Children's Literature, Rowman and Littlefield, 2018.



“SOS / 404: TransCreation + Digital Obsolescence”  Trans[creation] Online Colloquium and Exhibition, Québec/Brasil, June 10 & 11, 2021

Postponed presentation:
“Politicized Web Praxis in Mexican Animated Short Films: “Reality 2.0” (2012) and “Retrato Político” (2013)
Centro de Investigaciones sobre América del Norte (CISAN), Mexico City, Mexico, Summer 2021

“Ibero-American Short Films as Indicators of (Trans)Nationalism and Posthumanism,” Colloque ACFAS - “Editions critiques multilingues : challenges et opportunités”, Spring 2021

“Mapping Metadata of Ibero-American Short Films from Web 2.0 (2005-2015)” Day of DH 2021: Lightning Round, McGill University, April 29, 2021

Video Lecture:
“Cortometrajes as Indicators of Cultural Debates in Spain” for Dr. Vanessa Ceia’s HISP 341 course - Spanish Cinema, McGill University, Fall 2020

“Ciro Guerra’s Embrace of the Serpent (2015): Exoticism and Colonialism in the Colombian Amazon”
Colloque des Communications, Universite de Quebec a Montreal (UQAM), Spring 2019

"Brazilian National Critique & the Nonhuman Taboo in Claudio Assis’s Amarelo Manga (2002)"
Printemps Litteraire Bresilien, McGill University, Spring 2019

"Technologizing feminist wrestling performance: An epistemological and theoretical account of eco-feminist cyborg wrestler, Amazona Prime"
Off Script/Hors-Piste Conference, HTMelles Festival for Feminist artists and technology activists in Montreal, Canada, Fall 2018

"Re-ordering material hierarchies of human, non-human, and posthuman in Jossie Malis Álvarez’s animated short film series, Bendito Machine (2006-2017)" Southeastern Conference of Latin American Studies (SECOLAS), Vanderbilt University, Spring 2018

ACTFL (American Council for Teachers of Foreign Languages), Nashville, TN, Fall 2017

"Bio-politics and Bio-Power of the Cyborg Body in 'Hyper-Reality' (2016) and '.Sub' (2013)"
University of Liverpool series on Digital Media Histories, Liverpool, UK, October 2017

‘Ways of Being in a Digital Age’ Conference, University of Liverpool, UK, Fall 2017

“Virtual Ecosystems and Bio Politics of the Cyborg in Hyper-Reality (2016)”
Carolina Conference of Romance Languages,
University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, Spring 2017

“Was it all a Dream?: Chicana/o Children and Mestiza Consciousness in Super Cilantro Girl (2003) and Tata's Gift (2014)”
UGA Crossroads Graduate Interdisciplinary Conference, Spring 2016

“Dark Humor in Contemporary Spanish Short Films”
KSU European Studies Symposium, Fall 2016

“An Introduction to Puerto Rican Children’s Author, Judith Ortiz-Coffer” Opening remarks and introductions to the keynote speaker
Georgia Conference on Children’s Literature, Spring 2015

“Building the Greater Community: Connecting University and Hispanic Communities through an Adult Literacy Project” UGA National Language and Literacy Education Conference, 2013

“Stille Licht and Mexican director, Carlos Reygadas”
KSU Conference on Immigration, 2012



HISP 210  Introduction to Spanish Languages (Fall 2018), McGill University

SPAN 2002 Intermediate Spanish Language & Grammar (2016), University of North Georgia

SPAN 1001 Introduction to Spanish Language (2014-2018), University of North Georgia

SPAN 1002 Introduction to Spanish Language (2014-2018), University of North Georgia

SPAN 1110 Accelerated Introduction to Spanish Language (2012-2014), University of Georgia

ROML 2550 Latinx Literature and Culture teaching assistant (2013), University of Georgia

SPAN 4490 Spanish Language Service-Learning teaching assistant (2012), University of Georgia



Illustrator, animator & musical composer for @DaymoonDrawings, 2021

Synthesizer performer for animated short film, “Remote Desktop Animations / Connexion bureau (animé) à distance” by Jean-Guillaume Bastien, October 2020

Pianist and synthesizer performer for NOUVEAU FANTÔME musical recording project with film director Jean-Guillaume Bastien for 5 days at the National Film Board of Canada, Montreal, December 2019

Synthesizer collaborator at Jam de Jardin performance organized by Lisa Teichmann, Montreal, June 2019

Pianist in recording of "Blood Moon" on Shepherds album, Insignificant Whip, Atlanta, Georgia, April 2018

Co-founded South Eastern Women's Wrestling (SEWW), a feminist performance art wrestling collective and performed as eco-cyberfeminist wrestler, Amazona Prime in Athens, Georgia, 2017-2019

Harmonium performer for experimental music duo, Aural Oceans, with Olivia Tremor Control’s John Fernandes as clarinetist, Athens, Georgia, 2017

Composer and performer of experimental synthesizer project, Public_Axis, 2017-present

Bilingual poetry reader at Lecturas Internacionales, Biblioteca de las Conchas, Salamanca, Spain, Summer 2016

Writer, director, and editor of micro-short film, Ego-Bust featuring actor Javier Soler, Athens, Georgia, 2015

Production Assistant for short film, Un par de latas, dir. Carlos Iñesta, Badajoz, Spain, Winter 2010

Concept creator and co-director of original short film, Ashasaak with Carlos Iñesta, 2011



English – Native speaker
Spanish – Heritage speaker (Advanced-High OPI score in 2010)
Portuguese – Reading & Writing proficiency, Intermediate speaker, 2013
French – Reading & Writing proficiency, Intermediate speaker, 2018