Spectrums of Digital Humanities

a virtual lecture series (2020-2021) on methods and approaches in the field of Digital Humanities

In honour of McGill University professor, Stefan Sinclair's legacy in the field of Digital Humanities, I helped initiate the organization of a virtual lecture series made up of renowned Digital Humanists from around the world.

Each month during 2020-2021, the virtual lectures expounded on topics included abolitionist digital pedagogy, Queer studies, multilingual DH, decolonial e-literature, big data, information sciences, and

The series was a big success averaging triple-digit attendance as well as hundreds of views and shares on social media platforms. After requests from the public, the series closed out with a fruitful roundtable discussion with nearly all of the Spectrums speakers. 

My Roles

- co-initiator and organizer of the series
- digital content creation (posters and graphics)
- social media promotion and management (Twitter & Facebook)
- listserv promotion and e-mail list management
- day-of operations on Zoom, moderating participants, Q&A and live-tweeting