Trans[creation] Colloquium + Digital Art Exhibition

Anyone who says that organizing a world-wide event in three languages on Zoom will be “easier” and “basically free” needs a reality check.

Add to the equation: post-flash computer art, avant garde e-literature, digital curatorship, and flash preservation methods and you’re getting close to the amazing melting pot that made Trans[creation] the best place to be on the World Wide Web on June 11 & 12, 2021.

The trilingual event in English, French & Portuguese paid homage to Brazilian poet Augusto de Campos in conjunction with the unveiling of an exhibition containing three of his Flash works re-coded in HTML5 and three original works from artists inspired by de Campos' œuvre across seven decades. 

︎︎︎ Check out the exhibition archive + the colloquium archive + en français

My Roles ︎︎︎

- Co-coordinator of digital publicity and social media promotion
- Fundraising and sponsor relations across North America and MTL (see list of partners below) 
- Administered the official conference materials and their translations in French, English & Portuguese
- Moderator and coordinator of the online colloquium (2 days) 

I consider it a strength of mine to take the most niched subjects and find the best people with the most expertise to show up and share their magical knowledge with curious audiences. I certainly was not alone and, in fact, well-accompanied in organizing the colloquium by Professor Cecily Raynor of McGill Digital Humanities & the exhibition curators, Alex Martin & Gina Cortopassi at UQAM’s ALN |  Laboratoire NT2 as well as Marcela Vieira & Livia Benedetti of the collective based in Brazil.

Sponsors & Partners: Canada Research Chair in Digital Arts and Literatures / Aarea / McGill Digital Humanities / Electronic Literature Lab / Brazilian Consulate in Montreal / Figura-NT2 Concordia / Groupe de recherche sur les éditions critiques en contexte numérique / Centre de recherche interuniversitaire sur les humanités numériques / Aquarela / Laboratoire NT2 / Electronic Literature Organization 

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